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Adam Mazurick
Posted May 16 - Read on Facebook

I have a 3 page Prototype made with a Page Component. On 2 of the 3 pages, I’m using Scroll Components. I’ve encountered this before, my problem is that when you scroll down on one of the two views with a scroll component, you can kinda slide the view around and indirectly toggle the other views. Make sense? As I scroll down, I can accidentally see the other views. It will shift and shimmy shimmy. Hate that. Help?

page = new PageComponent
width: Screen.width
height: Screen.height
scrollHorizontal: true
scrollVertical: false

#page 1
firstScreen = new Layer
width: page.width
height: page.height
parent: page.content
backgroundColor: "#232627"

firstScreenScroll = new ScrollComponent
width: Screen.width
height: Screen.height
parent: firstScreen
scrollHorizontal: false

picture_group1 = new Layer
width: 1242
height: 3285
image: "images/3.png"
parent: firstScreenScroll.content


Steve Ruiz

Hm, the other layers in a flow component are stacked behind your present flow screen, so maybe you're seeing them when you overscroll? Try giving your scroll component a backgroundColor; it's transparent by default, so a colour might block the view of the other layers.

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