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Brendan Ho
Posted May 15 - Read on Facebook

Finally jumped aboard the MacBook Pro train...

What are some great designer apps I should install? For context, I'm a UX/UI and web designer.

Already getting Sketch, Framer, and Principle. What are some other recommendations? Feel like I've missed out on a whole bunch as a PC user.


Dominik Sebian

I would recommend you Atom as text editor :)

Gracjan Złotucha

Sip - very good color picker, Visual Studio Code if u coding ;)

Ian McClure

Skala Color from Bjango, Sublime text,

Maksim Okala-Kulak

Don't blur your focus ) stop here

Adam Mazurick

I'm curious, was your purchasing decision influenced by having better access to Framer Studio?

Liam Martens

Figma most definitely

Adam Mazurick

Jetbrains (Pycharm and Webstorm) are my IDEs and there is touchbar support on their immediate roadmap. Framer hasn't added touchbar support yet...sadly.

Zoltán Cserei

Adobe XD is worth checking out

Raje Punsalan

Check out Flinto and OmniGraffle

Andrey Yanovskiy

xCode is essential

Jean-Francois Hector

hey, that's not à designer app but I'd recommend Omnifocus as a great to-do list app that implements the Getting Things Done system

Sean Nelson

XScope is a nice tool.

Karl Goldstraw

If you're a designer also check out Zeplin, Sketch Toolbox, Affinity Photo, Right Font.

Isaac Weinhausen

Download Caffeine from the app store, it's handy for keeping your compute awake during presentations. Oh an definitely get Craft (by Invision) for Sketch.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Flinto, Origami Studio, Axure RP, Pixelmator, Drop, Keynote, Quartz Composer, Lingo

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