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Tyler Angert
Posted May 12 - Read on Facebook

so I'm a bit new to framer, but I was wondering what more complicated flows look like in terms of file organization.

For example if you can prototype an entire app's flows, do you still have to do it in one file? or can you split up an app into "login flow," "transaction flow," "edit profile flow" etc and have all of these files interact with each other in one prototype?

from what i can see, the only option with having separate files is having them operate independently. this is making me think that framer is probably best suited for smaller interactions instead of larger scale prototypes.


Chris Camargo

I, personally, do not break much out into separate files, unless we're talking about components. I'll definitely build re-usable components into classes, and (eventually) turn them into modules, but for multiple views or flows, they're simply built in one file.

My advice is to package all of your layers into their respective views. No layer should be without a parent "view" layer, with the exception of the view layers themselves. It may also make sense to package your views into flow layers as well, but that's just if you want the convenience that comes with the additional hierarchy (being able to dismiss or transition away from an entire flow at once, for instance).

Vlad Mafteiu Scai

For large prototypes I would recommend splitting all the flows into different modules. It’s too much of a pain to keep track of everything in one file.

Darshil Vora

It depends on the how much time you have in the end. For long term prototypes I would go into making classes for each component in the UI. But for quicker turn arounds, splitting them up in independent modules will make life easier 😁

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