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Jason Frank
Posted May 12 - Read on Facebook

Question: How do we access a Spring curve's Tension, Friction, and Velocity values in the animation properties panel (for rapidly trying out those values)?

Framer's "Introducing Auto-Code Animation" VIDEO shows the animation properties inspector panel that has sliders for a Spring curve's Tension, Friction, and Velocity values. That looked great because it let you quickly try out values and see their preview. But when my animation properties panel does not have sliders for those parameters. How do I access them?


Aalok Trivedi

You're using the "classic" spring animation syntax which uses tension friction and velocity. Framer introduced a new spring output that mirrors what real mobile apps use, which uses damping and mass. Take a look at springs in the docs

Jason Frank

Hey Aalok Trivedi, thanks for the hint. I saw in the docs that the newer Spring model uses Damping, Mass, and Velocity. Why doesn't Framer Studio expose Mass and Velocity? Or does it have sliders for those somewhere?

Also, is it better to use the Class Spring options?

Aalok Trivedi

Hmm yea. Maybe it's an oversight. The new spring model is made so you can directly use those values to hand off to developers. You can't with the classic model. So I would use the new one

Jason Frank

Which code animation libraries use Spring and those parameters for it? I'm more familiar with Bezier curves, so I want to understand which libraries would make that hand-off work well for.

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