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Martin Menzel
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello community,
I wanted to share this one for a while now. It's an evolution of the magnifying glass prototype I posted a few weeks ago.
To make it work on touch devices (Windows 10 tablet) I had to resort to some drastic measures I'm not too happy with, but it works. Any suggestions for improvements are appreciated! And of course a big thanks to the community for all the great examples I could make use of!

Click/Tap and immediately drag your cursor/finger anywhere on the image to set start and end positions.
The distance is measured and converted to millimeters for a 13" MacBook Pro from 2011, because I can't access the device dpi on runtime. This was a proof of concept for a diagnostic imaging software. #Framer20k

And yes, the image is a Transistor wallpaper, because I love all the games by Supergiant Games. Looking forward to the next one 🤗