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Jean-Francois Hector
Posted May 17 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone, how come I can't find many examples of Framer prototypes of longer, more complex app flows? (eg. 7+ screens with more complexity, an interactive prototype version of an app).

I've been spending a lot of the past month learning Framer and I love it. But ultimately, my goal is to produce prototypes that allow me to do user testing in better conditions that Flinto/Principle or Marvel allow me to do. I.e. I want to give a prototype to a test user and let them use it, without guidance, to accomplish a goal they have.

I'm hoping that Framer is the tool that'd allow me (once I have the skills) to quickly put together complex views and longish flows, so I can do more reliable user testing that I could do with other techniques. But I haven't yet seen any example of something lime an end-to-end fully interactive app flow done with Framer, and I'm imagining that actually, doing that in Framer would be too complex / time consuming to be worthwhile vs briefing an engineer to prototype in XCode (or learning Swift + XCode myself).

I'd love your thoughts, or any example you could point me to. Do you know anyone who uses Framer to do prototypes like I'm looking to do?


Vlad Mafteiu Scai

Doing more complex prototypes is fully possible but there are a few things that you should be aware of to make it more simple.

- Keep in mind that optimization is important. Depending on the specific cases, you might need to reduce image size, end animations, destroy layers etc.
- Organization. I would split the different artboards in separate modules, make a class for each, and import them separately. That way if you need some small change you don’t have to navigate or keep track of too many code folds and just use some external editor to edit said coffee script files. Want to remove one artboard? Becomes very easy. Also the plugin for Sketch that allows you to copy shapes/text and paste as code will come in handy, since the standard import will break things.

Jean-Francois Hector

Thanks Vlad, that's helpful. Which Sketch plug in are you referring to? Also, have you ever seen an example of a complex app prototype? It's because I haven't seen examples that I'm doubting how achievable / realistic it is.

Camille Zapata

I've made few complex prototypes but they're more for clients so I'm unable to share unless I reskin everything 😵 I've seen some people sharing workflows but not necessarily the projects themselves. I'm assuming that maybe these bigger projects are more internal / made for client.

Dexter Wang

I also made complex prototypes with several screens, but it's not for public at the moment. Flow Component made it much easier.

Sergey Voronov

i was using flow component to create like 40 screens prototype

Jean-Francois Hector

Thanks all. How complex or dynamic where these prototypes? For example, if I want to prorotype a mobile shopping app for a supermarket, I'd like to do things like populate product list views, and product details view, based on the item selected – for any item. Then add these items to basket and manipulate them. Is this stretching what can be done efficiently (ie quickly) through Framer?

Charlie Deets

You definitely can create huge prototypes in Framer and I've done it. They just all happen to be for work, so I can't share them. I think one of the best examples of a full experience Framer prototype is Brad Ryan's Uber prototype:

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