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JL Flores Mena
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,
I've been using Framer without the Studio IDE, with plain JS and no CoffeeScript. This started by mere curiosity and because I wanted to run Framer on Windows.

I'm taking notes of this process and keeping this repo updated:

This is clearly not for everyone, but if you're comfortable with Framer and want to try it with plain JS (and/or on Windows), give it a chance.

Jordan Robert Dobson Mike Feldstein


Mike Feldstein

DeviceComponent is what i was looking for <3

Mike Feldstein

This is a great writeup. I've been doing this with my windows-bound companions as well. Also i use to get live reload to get that instant reload love. That might be overkill though.

Wouter Schreuders

Why don't they support windows? I'm forced to use a mac because it's now the defacto standard for Web development. But apple seem intent on screwing over their userbase with their increasingly ridiculous hardware offerings. The mac pro is a joke. The stupid Macbook Pro with its single port is another.

Jean-Francois Hector

Juan, this is super helpful, thanks

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