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Giles Perry
Posted May 13 - Read on Facebook

PLEASE UPDATE to v2.0.1 (Fixed major issue where symbols were causing the plugin to fail)
Good news Framer lovers! Version 2 of my Copy-Framer-Code Sketch plugin is out with support for groups and nested layers.


Jesse Bilsten

I wonder why this isn't an option for import by default. It sure would make everything much more dynamic and maintainable.

Dan Freeman

This is awesome! I downloaded the plugin but when I copy the artboard as shown in your video and move to framer the option to paste is greyed out. Any thoughts?

Mike Johnson

Hah, I just forked this last week and did the same, was about to submit a PR!

Ciaran Madigan

Great work, dude. This is super useful already.
Can't wait for next week when you've cracked nested symbols with overides :)

Sadok Cervantes Rabadan

I dont see the point in this. Jesse says it's more maintainable? But how is this maintainable if the source of truth is still the sketch file? If you're gonna use Framer to design the entire interface, why do it in Sketch in the first place?

Umut Dev

I think this is the solution to my problems. Nice work

Lukas Guschlbauer

Have you looked into the explorations Andreas, Steve and I started here:

The idea was to convert framer imported layers into reusable classes... maybe there's something in it for your inspiration! :)

Joshua Pekera

Wilson Yin

Jerry Lin


Alexander Artsvuni

This is sooo good! Thanks!

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