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Brain Rush
Posted May 08 - Read on Facebook

How much JavaScript should one know before learning Framer? What principles are essential? I'm in a bootcamp-style code school and I'd like to learn Framer at the same time, but want to start when it's appropriate.


Radek Kyselý

Huge part of Framer is functional (you'll just call stuff with options), other than that, I can come up with this right now:

Arrays (and some of their built-in methods), for loops, basic functions, scoping, know what an event is, know what a callback function is; probably some debugging techniques.

Don't worry about Framer library being too difficult to learn—they have decent docs and great community of helpers here :)

Someone can extend this for Brain?

Aalok Trivedi

I honestly came in with no JavaScript experience and was able to pick it up very quickly. The docs and examples are fantastic. But I guess prior knowledge of arrays and functions would've helped a great deal

Steve Ruiz

I didn't really know any JavaScript. Framer was great for giving me problems to solve, and I picked it up as I went and learned it in terms of its use in Framer. Pick a project and try to work it out using the docs (which are very good) and tutorials.

Kenneth Spry

I think Framer would be a great playground for learning a very similar scripting language. The problem with the JS landscape these days is that there are too many tools and methods for beginners to know where to begin. Framer makes it easy to do 93.488% of front end work. Once you get your footing, moving on will likely be much easier. That's just my opinion after doing it the hard way.

Maarten Afink

Learn by playing. I didn't know any JavaScript, but just started with a project. Use the docs and Google.

Benjamin Parisi

I would say Framer is a pretty good place to actually start learning javascript. It's a great environment to play in with instant feedback.

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