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Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa
Posted May 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys.
I'm trying to have an array of 4 similar squares and add 4 similar circles in each one of them. I was wondering if you could help me make each square a different bg color, and add an event so that when my mouse is over a square, the circle in the middle does something. Here's where I'm at right now, as you see, only one circle is responding to the mouseOver, and it's responding to all event on all square, and not the one square it is part of :


Sergey Nikishkin

Possible solving for a problem with mouse event.

Sergey Nikishkin

For different colors you might create an array:
different_colors = ["white", "red", "blue", "green"]

And use it for backgroundColor:
backgroundColor = different_colors[i-1]

Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa

thanks sooo much

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