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Laurynas Levickas
Posted May 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi everybody, it might sound silly, it might not. I know that framer is for a fact based for mobile device interactions, but what about web design? I mean, the problem I am facing with import is that whenever I import artboard of a desktop screen i see all the layers imported on the layers panel, but the canvas itself is blurry and impossible to scroll down or up. I've tried both importing @1x and @2x too, but it's still blurry no matter what I do.

So my two questions are:

1) How do I import web design into framer correctly?
2) Do I have to enable scrolling of imported desktop artboard manually?
3) And actually This will be my third question - is framer any good working with website design interactions?

Thanks in advance, just keep in mind that I am super green in framer, haha.

Cheers guys!


Jonas Treub

Hi Laurynas. We are currently working on making it possible to import @2x webdesign assets. You can enable scrolling by using the scrollComponent or pageComponent.

Taylor Palmer

Happy to hear about the @2x web assets.

Lauren Nielsen

I actually pretty much exclusively prototype for web right now. Scroll component definitely helps, as well as a dynamic canvas module I got from Jordan.

This also brings me to some feedback for Framer... designing for web with the latest release is now really hard. I can't have the canvas embedded because my code turns to a tiny narrow column, but I can't put the canvas separate on another desktop. I can't always work in a monitor :(

Dexter Wang

I use Framer only for web design at work. It's the simple stuff that's a bit of a chore. You can import native HTML radio buttons, but they look like crap so you have to build your own.

On the other hand, once you figure it out you can do it much faster each time because it's just code. Then you can start implementing Framer's more interesting things like animations which would take much longer or too hard to prototype in HTML/CSS.

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