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Jason Frank
Posted May 16 - Read on Facebook

Newbie Framer question: For layers that are imported from Sketch, how can I access the inspector on those layers?

Or is the inspector only available on layers created inside of Framer?


George Kedenburg III

what are you trying to do? because youre importing layers, their initial position is dictated by where they are in sketch so you should update your sketch file to position them correctly. you'll get access to the inspector for states and animations on these layers, but not for initial poisitioning

Jason Frank

Just trying to work with those layers as I would with layers that were created in Framer. So like in this screenshot, when I select the layerA (which was created in Framer), I get the inspector on the right and can affect all sorts of things like Scale, Rotation, Origin, Opacity, etc.

Jason Frank


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