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Tony Jing
Posted May 04 - Read on Facebook

Hi Frameristas, I'm looking to run a week-long workshop / immersion learning boot camp to get my team of 9 designers onboarded with Framer. Most of them haven't used Framer extensively but are super excited to learn it. I'm hoping to help them get over that initial learning curve and feel comfortable building comprehensive prototypes.

What are some tips and advice for this bootcamp? Are there any good resources to help me prepare 5 days of material? Thanks y'all!


Camile Custodio Orillaneda

Wow that sounds amazing. Can I join your team? Haha (o;

Ashanya Indralingam

Hi Tony, if you email me at [email protected], I can send some helpful material your way!

Elselyn Tan

Hey Tony Jing, this is really cool. I'd love to have a chat after about how it went!

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