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Keith Lang
Posted May 04 - Read on Facebook

Feature request: ad-hoc layer creation from dragged bitmaps

Use case: Sometimes, I have many artboards of material in Sketch. I'd like to try something very, very quickly without going through Import. Because I want only a couple of layers to deal with in Framer.

For comparison, Origami Studio lets me drag in an image directly from the Sketch UI to the Origami layer list/canvas, where I'm able in to start building up some logic.

In my mind, Framer would support drag and drop of bitmap images. When the image is dropped, the file is added to the project, and some code is inserted so as to draw the image on the canvas.

If I'm missing an easier/existing way to do this, please let me know.


Ciaran Madigan

this is pretty close

Was a bit glitchy when I tried it, but I see there's been updates to it.
If nothing else, it's a handy way of pasting styled textLayers from sketch to Framer

Keith Lang

Thanks. Unfortunately not working for me here for my periocular project.

George Kedenburg III

This should already work, but I think the file needs to exist (not be dragged layers from sketch). Try exporting the image and then dragging it in.

Aalok Trivedi

Yea I do like origamis UI importation feature. I wish framer would work like there's as well, where if you drag in a rectangle, circle, etc..., Framer converts them to code instead of a png

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