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Tim Kjær Lange
Posted May 04 - Read on Facebook

Question: I want to break the positional relationship between two elements, while maintaining the parent > child relationship between them, e.g. center the childElement to the viewport instead of parentElement. Is that possible? How would you go about this?


Steve Ruiz

Check out the screenFrame property in the docs. While layer.x/y are relative to a layer's parent, layer.screenFrame.x/y are relative to the screen dimensions.

Brian Williams

Create your own hierarchical data structure that references different layers...either by adding a property that denotes the parent, children or path as ids/ delimited lists of ids or by literally nesting references into separate collections/ objects. Lots of different ways to approach it. (most of it depends on how you intend to use the data and which is most performant/ convenient for that purpose.)

But I wouldnt try to circumvent the built in relative positioning system

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