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Matt Typo
Posted May 04 - Read on Facebook

I feel Framer would be an invaluable tool for user-testing on Desktop, but unfortunately its lack of a full-screen mode makes it not completely usable. I wish there should be a easier way to toggle the device image and expand the prototype width to 100% of the browser window. I have tried many different methods, even custom device but nothing works properly.

Any idea on how to do it?

Thanks in advance guys! 😉


Radek Kyselý

Just use Canvas (default; without choosing any device) and make your prototype responsive to Screen object. That way you'll be able to make it seem like a website.

Also, this module might help you with the responsive views

Matt Typo

Thanks Radek! I am importing my design from Sketch so it has a specific resolution (2880x1800), not sure how to make it responsive in this case? Would be useful to link the prototype but the company I work for doesn't allow me to share them publicly...

Matt Typo

Hi Radek Kyselý This is the project I am working on:

I have tried with your method, creating a wrapper layer with same size as the screen:

wrapper = new Layer
size: Screen.size

And defining the Sketch content as a child of the wrapper layer:

$.all.parent = wrapper

But it is not really working. Am I doing something wrong? (I have used canvas as device).

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