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Alex Boschmans
Posted May 02 - Read on Facebook

I'm getting stuck on creating basic 'pages' from a (rather large) sketch import. Just moving around in them would be nice already...
Any tips would be appreciated on how to do this, as apparently I'm not "getting it" after multiple tries.
I've attached a sketch of the sort of pages i want to import in Framer. Basically I'm not sure which component I would best use and in what combination.
I've tried using a page component, but when I reach the scrollable page it scrolls immediately to the middle. Do I need to use a scrollComponent just for that one page (and how) ?

# Wrap the imported content layers
pageComp = PageComponent.wrap(sketch.$001)

page1= sketch.$002a
pageComp.addPage(page1, "right")
page2= sketch.$003
pageComp.addPage(page2, "right")


Jonas Treub

You could set it up with a bunch of scroll component and page components. Here is an example:

Alex Boschmans

Sooooo... you have a page component, to which you add several scroll components, each of which is the parent of the actual page content? Thanks for explaining (and the cool code on how to add the button using a function)

Michael McKenna

I found this example to be extremely helpful Alex Boschmans:

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