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Chris Boy
Posted May 02 - Read on Facebook

Is here anyone who has build a firebase based login?
I get an error using this phrase: "firebase.auth().signInWithEmailAndPassword(email, password).catch"

the error i getting is: "TypeError: firebase.auth is not a function. (In 'firebase.auth()', 'firebase.auth' is undefined)"


Chris Boy

Ah ok the "API" i`m using allows only firebase.get, firebase.put,, firebase.patch, firebase.delete, firebase.onChange interactions.

If there is one out there who has build a Login with Firebase "users", please help me. 🙏

Jonathan Lazarini

I have done it not using framer.
Have you got the code pushed somewhere?

Jonathan Lazarini

Did initialise your firebase DB (silly question) with the tokens, etc..? :)

Also try to call the method instead of the instance like so firebase.auth()
You probably want to export a reference of your instance that you can reuse across your app
Like const auth = firebase.auth()

Then you can use the listeners like auth.onAuthStateChanged((data) => { /* your code */ })

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