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Luke Warda
Posted May 01 - Read on Facebook

hey folks, i'm working on this video cross fade prototype and i'm having trouble trying to play two instances of yourtube video player in framer at the same time. It works (occasionally) on my computer but when previewing in safari one video stops playing stops the other. I'm using this for quickness: Any ideas if this is possble in mobile safari? Thanks!


Nick Simonson

Typically mobile safari doesn't allow playing multiple videos simultaneously due to bandwidth and battery issues. However since the most performant way to implement gifs is with a looping MP4 Apple relaxed some restrictions in iOS 10. To get it to work the video tag needs to be muted and playinline. There was a bug but it should be fixed in 10.3.1. It's not ideal but should be good enough for a prototype.

Don't think you'll be able to use that YouTube module, but you can add the video tag to the HTML property of a layer.

<video autoplay muted playsinline src="video.mp4">

Koen Bok

Although this might not work in iOS Safari, it might in our app where we tweak the video playback settings.

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