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Timur Nurutdinov
Posted Apr 30 - Read on Facebook

Framer Inventory 3 plugin for Sketch App is released:

It provides an alternative semantic way to import – not layers but states, means you import animations rather than just visuals. Run & Paste code into Framer (assets are automatically placed in your project).

Plugin also exports complete prototypes to preview custom transitions in Framer. Supports custom code & Reimport with previously written logic being saved. Move layers in Sketch and get updated prototype in seconds!

Watch the teaser:
Hope you'll enjoy it.


Andy Cetnarskyj

Leon Govier

Pavel Soldakov


Woo Sanghun

What's the different feature between normal and Pro version?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work!

Jerry Lin

Hi I want to know about the states function, did I miss anything?
And how to fix it? Thanks for any suggestion!!

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