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Andrew Cunliffe
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

My mobile prototypes used to seem to scale perfectly on iPhone 7 when imported from Sketch at 2x (from 375px artboards), but after the update, they seem to not?

Works fine on my desktop browser, but on mirror and cloud it seems to shrink to 1x (375px width)

link to the prototype


Samuel Barbosa

I have the same problem, prototypes scale differently from framer mac os to framer ios. And in framer ios if i download the prototype it scales differently than if i open it from the link.

Samuel Barbosa

Have done some workarounds, i still have a problem with downloading prototypes. When i rotate the device to landscape and get back to portrait, height get witdh value. I can send privately a video of the bug and the project link if it helps.

Andrew Cunliffe


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