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Ban Nguyen
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have a sample how to achieve this prototype? Show the indicator on the top menu while scrolling through each section (when the section title is near the top) Also user can click on the the top menu to scroll to its section. Thank you!

I am using StickyHeader module and Utils.moderate but not sure what numbers should I use. Could someone help please? JL Flores Mena


Radek Kyselý

Do you need the indicator to be continuously moving like it is now or is it ok to switch through exact numbers (e.g. like on many one-page websites)?

Radek Kyselý
JL Flores Mena

I'm glad you found this module useful Ban. Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for jumping in with a solution Radek.

Dominic Reiterer

I would add white space after the last section, otherwise the indication can never be directly under the number. (in the example it is number 6 and the bar is always between 5 and 6)

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