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Jorn van Dijk
Posted May 05 - Read on Facebook

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to the new Framer!

Over the last two years, we’ve built one heck of a toolkit. Today, we’re saying goodbye to the classic Framer split screen and giving you control over your workspace with a detachable canvas.

Take it for a spin and let us know if you have any feedback!

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Ciaran Madigan

I regularly check the Framer beta to see what's around the corner. There were no updates this month. I thought you'd dropped the ball.
You most certainly have not though. It's bloody gorgeous and the dockable preview is a really welcome addition.

Wouter Van de Kamp

Looks neat. Just one small thing that bothers me, I would love to see some black on black on black, instead of that default OS bar. But hey, who am I. :)

Karan Ganesan

Any plans for using Framer also to make real life apps ?

Aalok Trivedi

tbh, kinda disappointed you guys went all vertical. Hardly any room for coding now. I usually never detach the preview window because I want to see it simultaneously. This just makes it more cluttered, in my opinion. Would rather have you bring back being able to show/hide the layer panel

Mitchell Bernstein

Congrats to the team for shipping this!

John Grendon Enderby

This is awesome. It's going to be so much better for making desktop prototypes! And it looks slick. Would really enjoy the black menu bar version Wouter Van de Kamp suggested too!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great work! The overall feeling I've had using it this week is that's I've been much more focused! I've needed it with this head cold / sinus infection. 🤧

Andrew Nalband

Really loving this update guys. Great work!

Camille Zapata

Love the new look. Thanks to the team! <3

Pat Tato


Kevin Kalle

Awesome update!

Sasha Bato


Alan Li


Alan Li


Andy Jakubowski

Looks good, great job team! I can’t change the Zoom or Toggle Device/Hand though — how do I activate these? Thanks!

Kristoffer Brady

Congrats Framer team! Awesome update :)

JL Flores Mena

Awesome work team : )
One question/suggestion, is there a way to 'undock' the console log from the canvas? It's covering the bottom of the phone's viewport now, and I can't remember how it was before but I didn't have to struggle with the log covering the phone iirc.

Kunal Bhatia

Congrats Framer team! So excited for this launch! 🎉🙏🙌😍

Rahman Malik

Alessandro Ziurby Iannuzzi Looks pretty cool!

James Muirhead

Great looking update. Would still really like the Layers panel to be resizable. Hopefully this is coming soon.

Peter Kremer

great updates, can already see how my workflow will be improved & streamlined!

Davo Galavotti

I'm not 100% feeling this new UI.

Marc Krenn

Team, can we get CMD+C to work in the print console again? Thanks!

Wonjun Song


Josh Peters

The real question I have is Will It Blend? ;)

Claudio Guglieri Lillo

damn, alright, time to update my OS

Alžběta Brychtová

Thanks for the nice update! However, is there a way how to change the color of the device for preview? Really kind of first world problem, but I don't like that black iPad! I want the golden one back again :)

Keith Lang

Working on a design which is a landscape format, I wish I could close the layer list and also close the left snippets etc. bar. The new Framer layout feels a bit like a step back for me and my landscape project.

Ethan Miller

I'm loving this new editor and being able to undock the window, especially for large-screen prototypes. One small issue: the window docking behavior is driving me nuts. The snap target in the editor window is way too big. It makes it really hard to move the preview window around without it accidentally snapping into the editor.

Love the update in general! Congrats.

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