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JoseMi Hank Chinaski
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone. I'm really newbie at framer (bought the license 10 mins ago) And I'm struggling to convert my current sketch design to a prototype.

I'm importing from sketch, but unless I'm using a device template in framer, there is no way that I can fit my screen with my design. It gets cropped or too small in a corner.

Is there any way to get around of this or just making my website smaller?


Jonas Treub

Hi JoseMi. You can create a custom device with the same resolution as your Sketch design.

Vlad Mafteiu Scai

# Define and set custom device
- deviceType: Framer.Device.Type.Tablet
- screenWidth: 720
- screenHeight: 1024
- deviceImage: ""
- deviceImageWidth: 800
- deviceImageHeight: 1214

JoseMi Hank Chinaski

Awesome. Yeah that solve my issue! Thanks a lot!

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