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Marty Laurita
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers!

Quick question: has anyone tried to run prototypes using a local database instead of using something like Firebase?

We're kind of stuck but we think we want to disable the "same origin policy" on the local framer server.

We've also tried an ajax module, that failed as well.



Steve Ruiz

Not sure how complex your database is or whether you need things to be persistent across devices running the prototype, but is using the localStorage object an option?

Marty Laurita

We haven't tried that. Do you have an example that uses this object?

Andrew Nalband

Hey Marty, I just googled a little. Here's a really quick example:

Marty Laurita

Sweet, thanks Andrew!

Andrew Nalband

I'm not sure of the use case you're trying to support...

Marty Laurita

It's not exactly the same use case, but it might help.

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