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Camille Zapata
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I have a horizontally scrolling PageComponent inside another Horizontal PageComponent. How can I lock the parent PageComponent (so it doesn't scroll as I scroll through the nested pagecomponent)?

I've tried using "directionlock" but it doesn't seem to be fixing my issue.



Jonas Treub

Hi Camille! The directionlock property only works when the two PageComponent or ScrollComponents scroll in a different direction. To get it working when both scroll in the same direction is a bit more work. Here is an example:

Kevin Mao

I added

subScroll.propagateEvents = false

to Jonas' example and that lets you remove the last three touch and scroll events. I think that one line is all you need. Let me know if that works for you!
Jonas, is this a better way?

Jonas Treub

Kevin. Yeah! That's the right property. Thnx :)

I also kept the touchStart event to check if the main scrollComponent isn't finishing a bounce animation. If not I stop it from scrolling.

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