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Eyal Zaidman
Posted Apr 24 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to color tint png images?


Brian Williams

blending modes are supported in some browsers no idea if chromium supports it which I assume framer is built using

Eyal Zaidman

Nice idea, but didn't work for me...

Jordan Robert Dobson

You can also adjust the hue, saturation, grayscale, etc

Eyal Zaidman

I wasn't able to tint this PNG image (half white, half black with transparent background).
In the attached image the blending-color is "green", and blending-mode is "color" (but I've tried several options - no luck).

The blending-mode style affects the background, but I can't make the actual image (black/white) be a specific color on a transparent background.

My motivation - using one set of icons, and tinting it to suite different color schemes in my app.
Thanks in advance.

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