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Steve Ruiz
Posted Apr 23 - Read on Facebook

Events.Click has been bugging me for a while, as it fires on mouseup events even if the preceding mousedown event occurred somewhere else. This means a lot of false clicks, such as when a user 'cancels' a click by moving the mouse off of the clickable layer (and onto another), or when a drag ends over an area with an onClick listener.

Gesture events take this into account and know to cancel when a gesture's end event occurs on a different layer than its start event. This makes Events.Tap an excellent replacement for Events.Click, however I'd like to see the same functionality extended to Events.Click.


Koen Bok

So we deliberately don't do smart things with real browser events, only with gesture events, as a principle. That way you can choose between automagic stuff and raw events.

Steve Ruiz

Thanks for the reply Koen. I follow, but then why not use the click browser event for Events.Click, rather than the touchEnd / mouseup events? Browser issue?

Jordan Robert Dobson

That way it works on both mobile and desktop.

Koen Bok

Meta: always fun how I think we stayed true to some principle only to discover that we totally threw that out of the window for one edge case. Aaaah product design... ;-)

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