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Floris Verloop
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,

Today we’ve pushed another update to Framer Cloud. The project view has a brand new design with a dynamic sidebar that will no longer get in the way of your work. You will also be able to browse through previous versions of your projects and see which project members have seen your latest design.

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Sergey Voronov

private sharing is cool. though there is some problem with html in safari - left panel doesnt take full height, and there is some white space below widget even in iframe. in chrome everything is fine

Jakub Jaszkin

Is there (or will be) a possibility to hide this side menu entirely, or minimize it to small arrow, like ie. in Axure share (top left corner of preview)?

In webdesign prototype which I prepared earlier it pushes content to the right, outside of the browser window, making one-third of it not visible :(

Sergey Nikishkin

This update kills my prototypes for web interfaces. Each time, when I update my prototype, I must dive into the inspector and follow the version number in the link. That's not cool.

Sergey Nikishkin

To use a link from an iframe is, of course, a variant, but this variant is too strange.

Hoyd Breton

Jorn, Koen & Co. – I'm a huge fan of Framer and the lovely updates that have been rolling in.

This update is less welcomed though. Dedicating that much real estate to the shared version of the prototype isn't very functional and is just distracting. Could it be optional? Disabled in shared state with something like: "Framer.Extras.CloudPanel.disable()" ?

Other than that, keep rocking it 🙏

Daniel Loke

Is there a way to disable the side panel?

Koen Bok

We'll work on an update to hide the share panel plus some other improvements, but we'll need a week or two. Until then, you can share the iframe source link directly.

Samuel Barbosa

Since the update, prototypes displays with phone on framer ios and framer android. Is there a way to get rid of it, or do i have done some mistake ?

Radek Kyselý

For those of you who want to temporarily disable the side panel, load the prototype with [ address]/index.html

E.g: for prototype
you can load without side panel this way

Arie Aulia Nugraha

Thanks for the update! But it seems my prototype just gone blank after updating library. Any clue about where to look for fix?

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