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Andrew Nalband
Posted Apr 23 - Read on Facebook

Jorn van Dijk I'm seeing an inception situation on Framer Cloud links opened in Safari on iPhone. Clinton Jordaan mentioned it as well. For some reason, the device mockup is showing. Take a look:



Thanks for the heads-up, Andrew! We've just been updating, and the behaviour you're seeing may occur when your proto isn't using the most current Framer library version. The remedy is to update your project to the latest, and upload a new version.

Clinton Jordaan

I updated my library, The phone inside a phone is gone, but now my design is showing @2x on my device? I created my prototype @2x as I am using a iphone 7. Before the update @2x displayed perfectly on an iphone7?

I could reimport my sketch file @1x but this would be quite a mission as I would have to update a lot of hard coded values. I have quite a complex 5 page prototype where values are hard coded because I am using modulate to collapse certain elements on some screens

Shabbir Hussain Sihorwala

In a totally unrelated question Mr Andrew, which charger case are you using with your iPhone? Please specify.

Nelson Vasconcelos

I know it's a small thing, but my I used to change the status bar color of my prototypes on Android to provide more realism ( Since this bug and after I update the Framer library, the theme color is only working on the local files.

Besides that, I had some prototypes shared in my cloud that I did on my former computer. Is it possible somehow to update these files to fix this bug using my new computer? I've tried to, but it's generating new cloud links...

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