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Alex Maximets
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Cash Money for Solution!!

I need a working prototype by beginning of May and so far I've got 2 problems:
1. Mapbox Dataset integration is not working
2. Grid functionality works only partially

At this stage I'm happy to pay someone to help me solve these issues in framer via fb or Skype. Comment how much you'd charge in USD and let's get this done!

@Moderators I'm not sure if this post is against terms of use and I apologize if it is.



Andrey Yanovskiy

@Sergey Voronov

Alexandre Lordelo

Hi Alex Maximets! I'm also having a hard tome to setup Dataset. Did you manage to solve this?

Alex Maximets

Nope, had to abandon ship for a while. I hope to get it working soon though

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