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Javier Eduardo Treviño
Posted Apr 19 - Read on Facebook


I remember hearing in a Koen Bok interview about how when you developed Framer initially you guys used a special technique for getting 60 frames per seconds out of web technologies, I am working on some ideas where I'd like to use this in a pure HTML/CSS/JS prototype I'm working on for a TV app , is it a specific W3C specification or a JS library that allows this?


Benjamin Den Boer

I believe he was referring to using Hardware Accelerated CSS animations. A simple example in Framer is animating width/height vs. animating scale — scale is almost always more performant.

Brian Williams

css is hardware accelerated... js animation is not. (for the most part)

Sam Thorne

You are unlikely to get hardware acceleration on TV platforms. Even PlayStation 4 doesn't always hardware accelerate web view elements.

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