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Patryk Adaś
Posted Apr 18 - Read on Facebook

Hello! I've got a question about VR.

Recently i was researching about prototyping in VR: I know Framer has an excellent VR component, however I find some features of A-Frame more useful (scene creating, inputs etc.)

Did anyone tried to merge those two tools? I mean to create a Framer environment within A-Frame.

I found this excellent demo from one of the meetups:

Any other references?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Unfortunately I think I'm the only one.

I have improved my approach a bit to build out the views and it could still be improved but doing this on the phone was awesome for quick previews in cardboard.

Patryk Adaś

Great! Thank you for the reply.
Have you tested it with Vive / Oculus though?

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