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Paul Eichenberg
Posted Apr 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi people,
I found a weird behaviour (or not) in Framer. I try to create a list from my own module.

In the blue box I created a list using module, in the green below within Framer itself. In the layer section I can see that the listItem is at the different position. In the blue box it is a child layer of its container layer in the green box everything seems to be correct.

My question is: is it a bug in Framer or do I something wrong with my module? Because if I try to build a more complex module then I can not access the right children layers correctly or I have to make really weird code constructions.


Jonas Treub

Hi Paul. Your module generates the same structure but the layer names aren't accurate. Layers that are instantiated in modules don't pass their name to the main file. You can override the layer panel names with the name property.

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