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Chris Camargo
Posted May 04 - Read on Facebook

Apologies if this has been asked before, but what's the difference between the $129 Pro license (which is good for 1 year) and the $159 Plus license (which is billed annually)?


Sergey Voronov

difference is 30 usd :)

Andrew Nalband

Chris - valid question. I can't see a difference.

Koen Bok

So this comes down to two things, but I get that it's complicated while we figure out what the best model is. Pricing for startups always is.

The main difference is that the pro account is our version of desktop style licensing (you own the software + one year of upgrades). The plus is a subscription model like you know from any online app.

As a startup, the subscription model is very appealing. Apart from business things like being benchmarkable and having predictable income, it is nice that all your customers are always on the latest plan and the reduced complexity of dealing with up and downgrade paths because you only paid for version x but need a hotfix update.

So the main difference is in our most online part but not so visible yet: Framer Cloud. We have slowly been ramping up our feature set there and are planning to charge for (part of it) at some point. We see the subscription version as it including Cloud in the price.

But obviously we like to switch over to subscription as much as we can in the future. It's just simpler in terms of complexity. But as with all pricing, not everyone likes it and we want to serve those customers too. So for that reason you'll see some experiments while we try and figure out what's best. So I imagine we'll see some posts like this, where I can share our thoughts. Input is always welcome.

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