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Matthew Barton
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook

I am interested in building a working static version of the app i am designing. I am not sure if framer is the right solution for complex prototypes. Any advice?


Hunter Caron

Framer is the prototyping tool best suited for that most of the time. Your other option would be simply building it out with web technologies. There was a post a while back about uber building pretty much their entire app into a Framer prototype.

Really just depends on your goals/what kind of app, etc.

Aalok Trivedi

If you need to utilize logic and want to use animations/microinteractions, then framer is the way to go. Although with flow component, it has also become very easy to make simple, transition-based protos as well. Haven't tried it with a huge app flow but it should work just fine

Martin Halik

yes, it's possible but it development will become later slow and buggy. Framer is not optimized for it. However in Uber they have done it.

Martin Halik

I've tried but switched to normal ReactJS prototype.

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