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Isa Bison
Posted Jul 06 - Read on Facebook

Any way to control the order that Framer applies transformations (scale/rotate/translate)?


George Kedenburg III

you could do them individually

Isa Bison

To clarify, Framer uses css transformations to modify layers (scales/rotations/translations), but in the transform property they're listed in a specific order that has non trivial impacts on how things look. For example, the top block in the image here has scale applied _after_ rotations, whereas in the bottom one it is applied _before_. While you can override this order by writing straight to the layer's style.transform property, the value you assign is overwritten the moment the layer's rotation, translation or scale is modified. I'm curious if there is any way to modify the order in which Framer applies these transformations.

Isa Bison

Short answer: no.

Jonas Treub

What are you trying to make?

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