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Jon Madison
Posted Apr 10 - Read on Facebook

Dear framer, i would love a grid display with pixel markers option. Otherwise i'll just make a module for it. i'm halfway there (too lazy yet to put the number markers in place). But framer if you did it i'd like that, too. :)


Koen Bok

I saw a few of these already. Anybody made one who could share?

Mike Johnson

What do you mean by pixel markers?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I could use something like this regularly. I typically make my own but not sure I would go the effort to add a module. Ideally you could set snapping in Framer though and rules etc.

Aka a toggle to show a grid, as well as some snapping when using auto code

Jon Madison

Pixel count every N pixels -- basically a ruler.

I'm designing against a grid already but my use case is eliminating the need for me to keep printing my values out when I'm working on some programmatic animation

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