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Michal Bak
Posted Apr 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi, when using Framer.JS inside Atom with coffee-compile, I've copied myModule.coffe into Modules (as described in tutorials)
I add:
mMyModule = require "myModule"
and then trying to use funcition:

I receive an error that makeDraggable is nto a function..

Looking at other sample projects from the web, I can see, that after requiring module, the file framer/framer.modules.js is update with module data.. In my setup nothing happens. It looks like even if I require my module file (with coffee extension in coffe script ofc) it's not "compiled in" ?

Can some using framer.js on atom can give me some tips/good tutorial how to use it on windows/atom config?

thx in advance


Michal Bak

Any ideas? On using framer.js with atom and modules?

Niels van Hoorn

The modules are only compiled automatically if you use You'll have to setup a build system that converts your modules into framer.modules.js manually otherwise.

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