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Gideon Carstens
Posted Apr 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,

I’m (trying to) learn how to write Framer modules.
For the life of me I can’t get this simple attempt to work.
Here's the error message and framer link:

Please help this noob out :D

/cc Jordan Robert Dobson


Koen Bok

Hey Gideon! You're almost there. But your module has the same name as the exported class _inside_ your module.

myModule = new myModule.myModule

Koen Bok

Which is not helping, I would name it like:

myThing = new myModule.myClass()

Gideon Carstens

Oh my word that's what's missing? Thanks Koen - much appreciated :D

Gideon Carstens

Koen Bok Maybe you can also help me understand when to use the @define for properties you want to expose.
Compared to this example

So is @define a Framer specific way of exposing public properties?

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