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Jean-Francois Hector
Posted Apr 05 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone, I just got started with learning Framer as a prototyping tool. I would like to know whether I can access (or recreate) a fully interactive and functional iOS keyboard for my prototype, using Framer.

i.e. upon taping a text input field, I want the iOS keyboard to appear (the real one, or a Framer-simulated one), and for characters to appear in the text input field as I type them on the keyboard on screen.

Is this possible and easy with Framer?
Thanks a lot for your help


Pedro Hernandez

I tried Sergey's fb messenger chatbot by opening the link on the framer app and it opens the keyboard and you can use it. Maybe you can take a look there?

Dexter Wang

Using actual input fields will bring up the keyboard (but only on an iOS device):

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