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Geunbae Lee
Posted Apr 05 - Read on Facebook

Hello from the MS-HCI program at Georgia Tech!

A lot of the students from our program love using Framer.js during our UX projects not only for crafting prototypes but also to learn how to code!

Although Atlanta doesn't have those cool meet-ups like in Seattle or San Francisco, we learn a lot from this large Facebook group and also by teaching each other in many of our classes. We really think Framer is a very powerful and useful tool to learn when looking forward in getting our entry-level UX related careers. Also, it's an excellent tool to express our creativity through code!

Thanks to Koen Bok and Elena Stoyanova for providing us with such cool Framer swags! We will continuously spread the benefits of learning and using Framer to other students here at Georgia Tech!!

Geunbae Lee | Nishant Panchal | Vedant Das Swain | Cheryl Xiaoxuan Wang | Philippe Kimura-Thollander | Xinyu Li | Jordan Movish | Sam Weiller | Cheryl Cheong | Muchao Tang | Diego Osorio | Morgan Nicole


Koen Bok

Hi from the Framer office in sunny Amsterdam back! Thanks for showing off you swag, and great to hear you like Framer so much! Good luck on becoming great product designers, and remember we are here to help!

Jorn van Dijk

Super cool!

John Crisp

Thanks to GB and all the others for doing this. You can count me as one more Framer fan at GT!

Shubhank Sahay

I would really like to get something like this going at Parsons in NYC too. Also Guenbae, I love your medium posts.

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