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Mike Susol
Posted Apr 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers,
A few noob questions. I'm trying to figure out how to most efficiently code some very basic interactions. I'm hoping the community can help me understand the best way to tackle this. I'm also experimenting with the Sketch>Framer workflow, so any advice re: best practices will be appreciated. Here's my ham fisted first attempt. Thanks!

Simplified Framer file:


Steve Ruiz

Hey Mike, here's a fix for that disabled button. I think you just left out the states for the non-pressed disabled layer.

Mike Susol

Thanks for the reply, Steve. Your example doesn't seem to be working -- maybe my original file and question were overly complex? I added a simplified Framer file so we can focus on the issue. All three buttons need to live in exactly the same space (0,0 in this example). My issue is that once I hover, my FOCUS button won't let me interact with my PRESSED button. tl;dr I'm not sure how to make a button accessible under another?

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