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Alžběta Brychtová
Posted Apr 02 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
I would like to do a never ending animation. Everything works fine opened in the locally installed Framer. However, uploaded on the cloud or mirrored on a tablet device, the animation run only once.
Could somebody tell me what I did wrong?


David Fumberger

Looks to be a timing issue with resetting the state using the inbuilt 'default' state. Interesting why it works in the editor, as I'd assume the default state should represent how it was when it was created (so the opacity in your Sketch file). Suggest either setting your Sketch layers to opacity 0.2, or setup your own state to switch back to. For instance:

animatedlayer1.states =
opacity: 0.2


animationC.on Events.AnimationEnd, ->

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