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Sergey Voronov
Posted Apr 01 - Read on Facebook

i spent ages deconstructing my whole prototype to understand why its not working. but seems there is overall perfomance issue of framer on iphone? here is simple scrollcomponent with content about 3k pixels, on desktop its completly fine. when trying scroll it back and forth on iphone 7, many times its just freezes and doesnt respond to scrolling at all Any hints?


Sergey Voronov

at the moment when picture is freezed - i am trying to scroll it, but its just doesnt respond at all

Sergey Voronov

Pavel Laptev helped to investigate the case, thing happens because of directionLock set to true , but without it, if u have child elements that scrolls horizontally prototype will not work. any work around?

Pavel Laptev

Yes, it's really weird. Why that?

Mike Johnson

I noticed this as well when using directionLock. It also occurs when viewed on Android devices. I haven't​ found a solution yet.

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