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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Mar 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi Frameristas,

We’re super excited to introduce you to Framer Type! From today, you can insert, edit and animate words using the new TextLayer. Style with familiar properties. Work with Google Web Fonts, responsive type and set-up adaptive layouts with ease.

Read the blog post:

See Docs:


Wouter Van de Kamp

Jeongmin Kim


Ciaran Madigan

I love you guys

Sindu Narasimhan

wohooo !!!

Chris Chen

Best update ever!!!!

Aaron James

Daniel Cortez

Yes! Thank you.

Brian Bailey

This is a massive improvement. Thank you, team.

Elliot Nolten

Sweet! Does it have the "autoSize" option, just like this one?

Emil Widlund

Amazing work, as I said yesterday. Keep rocking 👊🏻

Ciaran Madigan

Sorry to keep asking for more, but I don't suppose that with the new Sketch file format just around the corner, it will be possible to import all text from Sketch as textLayers?

Lukas Guschlbauer

Finally! ❤

Liam Martens

Awesome, I actually could have used that yesterday XD

Saurabh Mathur

Oh man! This is awesome!

Ash Adamson

This was much needed, thank you! <3

Eng Phannipha

Yay! Thank you ❤️

Jon Brennan

👏 great feature! thanks!

Paul Kooi

Thank God! It's about time.

Markus Smet

Is it just me, or do you also get a "Can't find variable: TextLayer" - can see the docs have updated.

Dam Mulhem

That's so cool

Shinji Kimura

Awesome! One question tho can we set style to this new "Text Layer" like how we did before with Layer component below somehow? What I want to do is reuse defined style set and apply it simply.
h1 = "font-size": "12px", "font-family": "Helvetica", 'color': 'red',
text = new Layer
style: h1
html: 'test'

Oh I found out this worked out
h1 = {fontSize: "12px", fontFamily: "Helvetica", color: 'red'}
text = new TextLayer = h1

Wonjun Song

Jorge Martins

Hey guys, I've been using the Andreas's TextLayer Module a lot! is it safe to update framer w/o breaking the huge amount of (module) textLayers I have in a prototype? Thanks

Nelson Vasconcelos

That's amazing! Thank you! :)

Just a small question: when I import from Sketch a text layer, is it going to be transformed into TextLayers? Andreas' module has it and it's an amazing feature.

Chris Wang


Andrew Cunliffe

Hi there, when trying to add a TextLayer into a current Framer project I get the "can't find variable: TextLayer" error, works fine in a new project.

Gregory J. Orton


Junha Kang

greattt !!!

Mehdi Othmane

Mehdi Othmane

Very Nice

Shafiu Hussain

Fuck. This is amazing. Thankssss

Niels van Hoorn

We just shipped a tiny but really useful addition to the TextLayer: You can now use the truncation property to truncate the text and add an ellipsis at the end. It works on a single line by default, but if you set the height of a TextLayer explicitly it works for multiline text as well.
Thanks to Brad Ryan for the suggestion!

Julia Carlson

Is there a way to tell the text not to wrap (e.g. set max lines)? I have a textlayer with a parent that is supposed to resize to accomodate the text on one line, but the text is wrapping instead.

Matt Safian

Benjamin Den Boer Loving the update! I noticed that when using the text.font shorthand, reading individual properties still seem to print out the default values. (For example, the fontSize property still seems to print the default value of 40, even after specifying a different value using the shorthand).

German Bauer

Benjamin Den Boer minor docu error:
"... text.fontFamily <string>
The size of the text. ..."

Johann Kasuch

Any chance to load local stored fonts?

Jakub Jaszkin

Unfortunately after update, my text layers crashed (imported from Sketch with textLayer module).
I tried with updating the module with the code from here:
and I get attached error -> convertToTextLayer is not a function.

What can I do to avoid creating new 50+ layers in Framer and just use those importer earlier from Sketch?

Thanks! :)

Dave Anderson

Very cool—how can I use this with local fonts with multiple weights? My current workflow is to define a @font-face rule in the style.css file, which defines a location for the font file of each weight I want to use, like in this article:

It seems like the new TextLayer doesn't support these style rules?

Jon Madison

is text editable?

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