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Marc Krenn
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

I just wanted to update an existing Framer Cloud file but Framer, for whatever reason (lib update?), decided to upload it as a new project. Turned out, the projectId of my local Framer file and the one in the cloud didn't match up.

If you ever run into the same problem, you can force an update by doing the following:

1) Visit

2) Copy the value assigned to "projectId" (looks like a serial number)

3) Paste it in your local Framer project /yourProject/framer/config.json

4) Open yourProject in Framer → Cloud → Update


Edwin Van Rijkom

Most likely you downloaded one of your projects from the Cloud, and then uploaded it again?

Whenever a project is downloaded from the Cloud (using "Open in Framer" or a ../download/ path) its project ID gets stripped. We do this because it would otherwise be impossible for anyone else but the original uploader to upload the project (or something based on it) back to Cloud again (because posting new versions of a project is constrained to project owners).

We assume that authors will usually be working from a local copy. Think we could cover most of this case by putting in detection for the download being done by the original author and keeping the project ID untouched for that scenario.

Marc Krenn

> Most likely you downloaded one of your projects from the Cloud, and then uploaded it again?

Nope, I think I did this:
1) Re-named the project title of said file in Framer Cloud
2) Updated and restarted Framer
3) Updated framer lib of said project
4) Closed project and deleted all saved backups
5) Opened project in Framer and tried to update Framer Cloud file

Edwin Van Rijkom

Updating the library will wipe out config.json, but it gets saved back to the project when closing it; without changing the ID, afaict. Did you perhaps copy the project? That's the only thing that I can think of that will trigger an ID change too, the next time that the project gets opened by Framer.

Marc Krenn

Negative, this was 100% the same project – it was neither moved to another path nor copied. This was also the first time I ran into this problem, so maybe it was just an unfortunate chain of events that caused it.

Edwin Van Rijkom

Got it. Tx for the heads-up - I'll keep an eye out for this!

Marc Krenn

So, this happened to again.

I have the suspicion that renaming the cloud file via the dashboard is (at least) part of the problem.

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