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Dave Anderson
Posted Mar 14 - Read on Facebook

Having some issues with a prototype, and was wondering if people had suggestions. I uploaded a test file to illustrate the issue I'm having—any help would be appreciated!

- A button causes a flyout to appear. The flyout should remain visible until MouseOut.
- The flyout contains several other buttons, which also require event listeners.

As soon as my mouse hovers over one of the smaller buttons, it triggers a MouseOut on the flyout, causing them all to disappear. How can I not have the smaller buttons trigger a MouseOut on the larger flyout?

Also I'm getting a TypeError:undefined for reasons which are mysterious to me. Again, any ideas would be helpful! Thank you


Dave Anderson

I guess I could do this using the old CSS :hover technique?
I'm sure there's a more framer-y way of doing it...

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