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Riccardo Buzzotta
Posted Mar 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
I was looking into adding simpler functions in my Classes, but the example Framer's website provides has… wrong code?

How can I fix this?

Error: TypeError: Button.deactivate is not a function. (In 'Button.deactivate()', 'Button.deactivate' is undefined)



Steve Ruiz

Looks good, just tab those functions over one tab, so that they're under 'constructor'. Coffeescript is weird about whitespace.

Riccardo Buzzotta

Oh shoot. I'm dumb. Everytime I copy/paste from the website, I end up messing up spaces (I have to convert them in tabs)

Riccardo Buzzotta

Thanks a lot!

Steve Ruiz

No problem, that issue happens all the time.

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