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Sergio Reynoso
Posted Mar 11 - Read on Facebook

Feature request: It would be great if we can toggle ON and OFF the ability to view the index of a layer next to their names in the layer inspector. As I gain more experience designing prototypes with Framer, I find myself referencing the child index to be more flexible than the layer name. For example, when using a “For Loop” to assign actions to groups with children. Take a look at the image for more clarity. Thanks!


Steve Ruiz

I guess a layer's index is sorta clear by a layer's the location in the layer tree list, but this would be useful. For now, if you're creating layers with a loop, you can also name those layers using their index, e.g. "myLayer #{i}". For existing layers, you can loop through the layers and add their index to the layer name, with something like layer.children.forEach (layer, i) -> += "#{layer.index}".

Sergio Reynoso

Yes, thank you for the suggestions. I've already been working on modifying my workflow with similar suggestions. It would be great if I didn't have to. ;-)

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